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Program: K1080 – BUSINESS
Diploma/Certificate: Ontario College Diploma
Duration: 4 Semesters (2 years)
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Program Highlights

The two-year diploma in Business is catered to students looking for a wide-ranged and well integrated business education with the opportunity to study in more than one area of specialization.

Many Business graduates find that in the business environment today, being educated in a broad range of business subjects can be a competitive advantage. St. Lawrence @ Alpha delivers general Business education to those interested in acquiring specific skills in key business areas such as accounting, marketing, and human resources.

Graduates of the Business program are effective communicators; they are trained in problem solving, teamwork and quality management. They are also skilled in the use of current computer software applications in word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentation graphics.

This program will get you started in a challenging career in business, by helping you develop specialized skills and knowledge in accounting, marketing and information systems needed for effective decision-making.

Program Outline

Semester 1
ACCT 1 Introductory Accounting I
ADMN 1000 Introduction to Canadian Business
COMM 34 Introductory to College Communications
COMP 222 Computer Application Fundamentals
MATH 35 Business Mathematics
GENE 114 Professional Effectiveness
CARE 60  Career Development I
Semester 2
ACCT 2 Introductory Accounting II (Business Elect.)
COMM 39 Communications for Business and Technology
ECON 1 Microeconomics
HUMA 53 Principles of Human Resources Management
MARK 201 Introductory Marketing I
MATH 53 Mathematics of Finance
Semester 3
ACCT 30 Managerial Accounting
ECON 2 Macroeconomics
HUMA 1079 Organizational Behaviour
COMP 45 Advanced Computer Applications – Excel
MARK 2 Professional Sales
SOCI 13 Sociology of the Family
BLAW 1 Business Law
Semester 4
PROJ 1 Introduction to Project Management
ADMN 1100 Supply Chain Management
MARK 19 Marketing Research
GENE 36 Introduction to Nutrition
CARE 91 Business Career Strategies
HUMA 40 Fundamentals of Leadership
MARK 102 Intro to Entrepreneurship
HUMA 15 Recruitment and Selection