Computer Programmer

Program K0852-Computer Programmer
Diploma/Certificate Ontario College Diploma
Duration 4 Semesters (2 year)



Program Description

The Computer Programmer program provides hands-on experience in developing computer programs to satisfy business requirements. Graduates are well trained for a career as a programmer. Learning takes place in both classrooms and computer labs. Faculty bring a wealth of real world experiences to the classroom. Our courses are constantly evolving to meet the needs of local employers. This program is well-suited to people who are interested in computers, but not math, physics or electronics.

Laddering Opportunities

There are many opportunities for graduates to pursue further educational qualifications; graduates may be granted credits towards a degree or certification through articulation agreements between the colleges and universities. Students should contact individual colleges for further details of a college’s articulation agreements.

Occupational Areas

Graduates of Computer Programmer Programs have honed their abilities, acquiring the expertise to develop, test, and deploy program code. As such, graduates are able to work individually or as part of a team to gather business requirements and support the recommendations for the improvement or automation of organizational workflow that correspond to the day-to-day requirements of individuals and organizations. From customizing software installations to performing routine maintenance of a database, graduates work in a broad range of employment settings in a variety of sectors in both large and small organizations.


Program Outline

Semester 1
COMM 4 Business Communications
COMP 203 Introduction to Networking
COMP 205 Web Page Development
COMP 1100 Introduction to C++ Programming
COMP 1111 Introduction to Databases
MATH 8 Intro Computer Mathematics
Semester 2
COMP 30 PC Hardware & Software
COMP 60 GUI Application Development with C#.NET
COMP 211 Program Design
COMP 1200 Intermediate C++ Programming
GENE 165 Cross Cultural Communications
Semester 3
COMP 20 Database Management & Design
COMP 206 Enterprise Web Development
COMP 210 COBOL Programming
COMP 333 Object Oriented Programming Using C++
COMP 1081 Operating Systems: LINUX,Z/OS,TSO/ISPF
GENE 60 Topics in the Contemporary Workplace
Semester 4
COMP 32 Introduction to Game Development
COMP 305 JAVA Programming
QUAL 200 Quality Assurance
COMP 220 Php Programming
COMP 251 Advanced COBOL Programming
COMP 52 JCL and Utilities