Academic Honesty and Integrity

Academic honesty and integrity are highly valued at AIA as being essential to students as both learners and potential members of their chosen occupations. Therefore, any violation of academic honesty will be seriously considered and fully investigated.   Academic Dishonesty is a type of cheating occurring in the academic field and includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Cheating on tests, assignments, or reports;
  • Fabricating data of any sort;
  • Impersonating another student or allowing oneself to be impersonated;
  • Plagiarism – defined as the act of presenting the ideas or words of another as one’s own. The use of others’ ideas or words must be adequately acknowledged and properly referenced. Plagiarism is to be distinguished from collaboration and cooperation on a group assignment;
  • Theft or purchase of materials, or use of stolen or purchased materials;
  • Dishonesty in any way when representing AIA as a student of this Academy;
  • Storing information on an electronic device for use during a test or examination is not acceptable unless clearly permitted by a statement in individual course outlines;
  • Groups are responsible for the academic honesty of teamwork;
  • Misrepresenting of materials obtained from the internet;
  • Submitting the same work, in whole or in part, to meet the requirements of more than one course without the explicit permission of the faculty involved;
  • Providing false or misleading materials to meet Admissions requirements (academic and other);
  • Use of unauthorized materials, unauthorized removal of materials from the library, or deliberate withholding, concealment or destruction of library materials.

AIA considers any such academic dishonesty to be a serious offense and the following disciplinary actions will be taken.

Offense Disciplinary Action
1st offense Failure for the piece of work involved
2nd offense Failure for the course the work is assigned by
3rd offense Student will be asked to withdrawStudent will be suspended from AIA for 2 years