Student Code of Conduct

Policy Statement

It is expected that all members of St. Lawrence College and Alpha International Academy community respect the personal dignity, worth and rights of others who study, work and live within it while having a shared commitment to the goals of education. That commitment is expressed in the AIA policies and course outlines; and in specific regulations such as those for residences.

In addition, the commitment includes, but is not limited to, rights and responsibilities set out in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Ontario Human Rights Code, and in federal, provincial and municipal legislation. It is expected that while students are attending AIA they will, both on campus and while in the community, conduct themselves in a manner, which demonstrates:

  • Integrity
  • Respect for the right of self and others to learn in a safe and supportive environment free from harassment, discrimination, bullying, threats and assault
  • Respect for diversity
  • Respect for rules and regulations in effect on AIA properties and at AIA sponsored events.
  • Behaviour which respects the personal dignity of others is required at all times.

Alpha International Academy will not tolerate behavior that is illegal, harmful or threatening to others or that is disruptive, offensive, abusive, intimidating or that vandalizes the AIA property.

Rights and Responsibilities

All students who enroll at St. Lawrence College at Alpha International Academy become members of the AIA community. These rights and responsibilities outlined apply equally while attending classes at AIA or at any other location of SLC including the online environment or engaging in any SLC and AIA sponsored activities. AIA expects that students will make themselves aware and conform to the policies and procedures already in place. These rights and responsibilities reflect the AIA’s commitment to quality education and to ensuring the fair and equitable treatment while recognizing the needs for responsible and appropriate behaviour by the students.

Conduct of Students

It is assumed that each student comes to AIA with serious intent; therefore rules and regulations concerning conduct and discipline are held to a minimum. However, in the interest of the serious majority, AIA must reserve the right to discipline any student for conduct incompatible with the AIA policy. As part of the preparation for his/her chosen occupation, each student is expected to conduct him/herself as he/she would in an occupational environment. Behaviour which insults the personal dignity of others is prohibited.


AIA is committed to providing an environment which will foster dignity and respect for one another. All students have a responsibility to be aware of policies and codes that guide expectations of conduct in the various environments where students engage in college related activity. Under this Code of Conduct, students have a responsibility to maintain this environment, and can also exercise their rights under this Code.

Students under this policy have certain responsibilities to:

  • Be a good citizen respecting the rights of the community and environment
  • Conduct themselves in a courteous, safe and non-threatening way
  • Respect the rights and dignity of others and other people’s property
  • Ensure their guests are conducting themselves in an appropriate manner
  • Use facilities of AIA only if permission has been granted
  • Abide by fire and safety regulations
  • Act in a way that does not negatively impact other students’ learning
  • Act in a way that does not interfere with teaching and learning
  • Pay fines, fees and loans owed to AIA
  • Submit work which is their own in accordance with Policy on Academic Honesty
  • Provide accurate information
  • Use information and technology inclusive of all social media in a non-threatening and appropriate way
  • Abide by the smoking policy
  • Be truthful