Student Disputes

Student Disputes

Students have a right to make a complaint against any AIA or SLC member who violates their rights under this Code. A student complaint against another student will be considered based on all applicable policies and regulations including this Code. A complaint against a non­student member is the responsibility of AIA or relevant SLC department, with the involvement of Human Resources as necessary, and will be handled according to established policies and procedures of AIA or SLC.

A complainant may be a student, staff, guest or community member.

  1. When there is a complaint every effort should be made for the parties to meet. If the complainant feels that they are unable to meet with the respondent, they are to provide reasons in writing to the Principal. If in the opinion of the Principal, the situation will require a formal investigation, it should be based on signed complaint(s) in writing. If a formal investigation is begun, both the complainant and the respondent are to be informed. Note: The complainant may have another person accompany him/her throughout the process.
  2. If a meeting is not successful, a written complaint is sent from the complainant to the respondent copied to the Principal, and may include sanctions. After discussion and/or investigation, a resolution is determined.
  3. If sanctions are required, the Principal makes the decision and consults with St. Lawrence College in the event of major sanctions.
  4. Letters outlining the decisions will be sent to all parties by the Principal.
  5. Decisions may be appealed by students using the Appeal Process. If the complainant chooses to appeal the decision, he/she has four days to request an appeal. The Director is notified in writing by the complainant of the request for the Appeal procedure. The Director will schedule an Appeals Committee that will meet within five working days of receiving the written request (if both parties agree, timeline may be extended). The Director will distribute all relevant material to the committee members in advance of the meeting. An Appealing Committee consists of two students, two staff (minimum of one faculty member) and one management staff. The Chair of the committee may be chosen by the members or by the Director. The committee will provide an independent, internal review of the response /decision. The Chair will distribute the written decision within one working day to the complainant, Principal and Director. The decision is final and binding.

A complaint may be initiated by a student and/or faculty/staff.

Complaint Policy

Please click here to download student complaint form.